The Role We Play

The PRSA Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization, raises funds to fuel the passion, dreams and futures of a diverse range of ambitious and promising students by:

  • Supporting programs that attract ethnic and racial minorities to careers in PR; and
  • Developing their capacity to bring the PR perspective to the organizations they serve and to society.


Building a Strong Future

Our scholarships help outstanding students with the cost of their education. We offer more than a dozen opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. To learn more, CLICK HERE.


Funding Projects With Impact

We support projects and partners that attract minority students to public relations, and make them better prepared to contribute to the profession, and to society, when they enter the workforce. We have an action bias - we support initiatives that achieve meaningful and measurable impact. If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE.

Message from the President

Welcome to the PRSA Foundation. We're working hard to make a difference in the fight for ethnic, racial and gender balance in public relations. We not only want to attract talented people from all backgrounds and walks of life to this wonderful career, but also ensure that they have the tools and support necessary for long-term success.

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We're an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. We receive no direct financial support from PRSA and rely on donations to accomplish our mission.  Thousands of PR professionals contribute every year. To add your support, CLICK HERE.

Thanks for your interest. Please visit our site often for updates on our activities.

Lou Capozzi,
The PRSA Foundation, president


Agencies Must Embrace Diversity Like Their Futures Depend On It - Because it Does

"Today, brands must precisely translate who they are and what they stand for into numerous languages, for vastly different audiences, all with their own cultural mores, conventions and sensitivities."

"It is like playing chess with a worldwide audience of stakeholders on a multi-dimensional board, in real time, with different rules in each market."

"And yet, despite years of undeniable, incontrovertible evidence that we are an industry--and an entire discipline--in the midst of radical revolution and revisioning on a worldwide scale, there are many among us, particularly in leadership positions, who think we can still draw all major decisions and direction from the same narrow and homogenous pool of perspectives."

"The fact is, we cannot."

"It is not possible to speak from one cultural perspective and expect to resonate with the global audiences that increasingly determine success or failure for brands and businesses."

"This is why I believe the greatest challenge we now collectively face as an industry is the escalating and intensifying crisis of diversity."

To read Karen van Bergen of Porter Novelli's complete speech to the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), please CLICK HERE.

RFP - Best Practices Case Study

The PRSA Foundation and the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations are soliciting proposals for a study of best practices among members of the Arthur W. Page Society in the areas of diversity recruiting and retention.

Study proposals must be submitted to the PRSA Foundation on or before January 30, 2015, and we expect the study to be completed by September, 2015. 

Proposals must follow the Foundation's Guidelines for Grant Requests, as follows: must be 15 pages or less; additional pages may be used for letters of support for the proposal. The proposal must include the following:

  • Background and Statement of Problem
  • Literature Review
  • Research Questions
  • Methodology
  • Distribution of Findings
  • Key Personnel (include effort)
  • Timeline/Schedule
  • Budget and Budget Justification
To access the complete Request for Proposals, please click here.